Orthodontic treatment can be life-changing in a number of ways, offering patients cosmetic benefits as well as a healthier mouth. Here are the brace treatments we offer here at Park Lane and the best bits about each…. 

Clear Fixed braces

Properties: A fixed brace type with discreet hardware such as translucent brackets (instead of metal) and tooth-coloured wires. They are often used to correct more severe bite or crowding problems. Clear fixed braces possess all of the same properties as traditional fixed braces but offer the cosmetic advantages also.

Best bits? Clear fixed braces offer fast-acting, predictable results – a reliable, effective and cosmetically appealing solution.


Properties: Clear custom made clear aligners that are removable. This means they are much easier to clean and your dental hygiene is easy to keep on top of (which can be a challenge with fixed brace types). It also means you can remove them for eating or a special occasion.

Best bits? Invisalign is favoured by many celebrities, who have endorsed Invisalign – Tom Cruise even wore them on the red carpet!

Incognito (lingual braces)

Properties: A lingual brace is a custom-made fixed type of brace and fits on the tongue side of your teeth. This renders it totally out of view from others so you don’t need to worry about your appearance changing at all. Lingual braces are used to treat more complex, fundamental kinds of orthodontic complications.

Best bits? Combines the quality of treatment offered by fixed brace types and aesthetic benefits.


Properties: 2D braces are also a lingual brace like Incognito but are most cost-effective as they are not custom created. They are used to treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Because 2D braces sit very flat against your teeth, they do not feel obtrusive and are practically invisible to others.

Best bits? 2D braces are an unobtrusive type of treatment, affecting your speech for only a mere few days and designed with cosmetic advantages in mind. A fantastic choice for those who are anxious about their appearance changing during the treatment period.

If you would like to know more about the types of treatment we offer here at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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