When should your child be seen for orthodontics?

As a parent, you want to ensure your child is as healthy as possible, which is why many parents ask when they should start bringing their child to an orthodontist. The answer to this question is decided based on the child’s dental age rather than their chronological age. 

Installing children’s braces is a common reason for early orthodontic treatment.  Braces are usually only associated with teenagers. However, treatments can start at an early age of 7 years old. If your child’s adult front teeth have come into their mouth and there is severe crowding of the teeth, it is worth considering visiting an orthodontist. 

Be sure to take your child to the dentist for regular checkups. Dentists will check for any issue requiring correction from early orthodontic treatment. Your dentist should refer your child to an orthodontist if needed. 

Early warning signs:

These signals indicate it may be time to book your child’s first orthodontic appointment.

If your child is displaying these signs, please get in touch with our friendly team at 0118 941 1628 to book an appointment. 

Benefits of early treatment:

As some problems are treated more effectively at a young age, regularly taking your child to the dentist will allow them to identify and monitor any potential issues requiring early orthodontic treatment. For example, with age, our jaw bone stops growing, meaning orthodontic treatment on the jaw can become more complex. Beginning treatment at an early age means we can guide the jaw bone growth and change its position and width. For adults, the solutions are more limited to tooth removal or surgery. Early orthodontic treatment can also ensure enough space to allow adult teeth to come through in the correct position.

Front teeth which jut out are not uncommon. However, they can be very vulnerable to trauma, especially for young adults who play contact sports. Gum shields can help minimise risk, but the best way to eliminate potential trauma is through early orthodontic treatment to decrease the overjet.

What does early orthodontic treatment involve

We can provide your child with a fixed or detachable brace at Park Lane Orthodontics, although removable braces are more common. If your child has a small jaw or teeth that stick out, your orthodontist may suggest a twin block brace. This detachable brace repositions the jaws and helps them into the correct position. We usually follow this by recommending installing a fixed brace. If you are considering ways to help your child have straighter teeth, orthodontic braces are an excellent option.

Referring children for an orthodontic assessment

Your child can be recommended directly to an orthodontist for an exclusive assessment and treatment at any time to gain a professional opinion. If your child has an NHS assessment and meets the requirements for treatment, they can be added to a waiting list for a brace fitting. This is caused by limited funding for the NHS. The average waiting list can be up to 2 years.

Why choose park lane orthodontics 

At Park Lane, we pride ourselves on providing quality treatment and exceptional care for adults and children in Reading. We take time to tailor treatment plans to each patient to ensure the best results. 

If you would like to book an appointment with us or have any further questions regarding early orthodontic treatment, please don’t hesitate to call Park Lane Orthodontics on 0118 941 1628.

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