With our busy lives it’s hard to see how having braces could fit in. If you’re a teenager, you not only have school and exams but also after school clubs, music lessons as well as a social life. For Adults there is the added concern of being self-conscious about having a visible brace, in addition to the importance of appearance and ability to do our jobs. So this is why many patients are turning to Invisalign braces to have their teeth straightened.

Invisalign is a highly sophisticated clear aligner system that is an alternative to fixed braces for straightening teeth. It is very easy to fit into a busy life, and in the right hands the results can be as good as achieved with traditional train track braces. The aligners are comfortable (less rubbing against lips and comfort visits needed), removable (great if you are going out for dinner or to an important business or social function) and it’s easy to keep your teeth and gums clean during your treatment.

Invisalign braces are available for adolescents (11-18 years) too, and many are now choosing Invisalign because they don’t want to have fixed braces. Invisalign is also beneficial to players of wind or brass instruments, especially if the patient is planning any grade exams during treatment, whereas fixed braces may affect playing.

2.7 million adults and children have already benefitted from Invisalign treatment, and many orthodontists believe that in the future Invisalign will be the most widely used method for tooth straightening. Why not come and find out if you could be next to join the club.


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