Fixed metal braces do not have to mean conspicuous. Clear fixed braces offer you all the quality of metal braces coupled with a discreet look.  They are also more effective in resolving severe bite and crowd problems.

Clear braces hardware such as the brackets are translucent rather than metal. These are secured to your teeth and blend with your natural tooth colour, giving a less conspicuous appearance. Recent developments include tooth-coloured wires which add to the discreet nature of the brace.

The process behind clear fixed/ceramic braces

The ceramic braces fitting process is fairly straightforward. Your teeth need to be clean and dry before each block is individually fitted to each tooth. Following this, a thin wire is passed through each of the blocks and secured via a clear elastic.

Once your brace is fitted, you will need to attend check-ups roughly every 8-12 weeks so that the progress of your treatment can be closely monitored. The average treatment time is between 18-24 months.

Looking after my clear fixed braces

You should clean your teeth after each meal as well as before going to bed. This will take longer than your usual brushing time due to the complexity of the appliance. This is where an ‘interdental’ brush comes in, allowing you to clean above the brace helping to maintain healthy gums.

Unfortunately you will need to avoid foods that are difficult to break down, such as crusty pizza and sweets which can damage the brace as well as damage your teeth. This is because it is much more difficult to remove food particles from in-between your teeth which can lead to increased levels of plaque and tartar.

Note that ceramic brackets do not stain, however, the clear elastic bands that hold the brackets in place do and this is exacerbated by smoking, consuming lots of alcohol, foods such as curry and coffee.

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