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Some patients actively look for brace treatment, but many are advised by their dentist that they need to see an orthodontist in order to make treatment like veneers or crowns easier to do. In these cases, the additional expense of orthodontic treatment may seem unnecessary. After all it’s quicker and less hassle just to have the veneers or crowns done isn’t it?

We have seen a few patients recently who went down this route – it was a good idea at the time, but over the following years they came to realise that the bulky crowns or veneers only masked the underlying issue and actually didn’t deliver a good long term result for them. So now they are having those unsuitable camouflage solutions removed, having the teeth straightened properly, and then much more aesthetic restorations can be done at the end of treatment. The end result – a much more pleasing smile, and a delighted patient who with hindsight, wished they’d had the brace in the first place and saved themselves the hassle and expense of veneers.

Of course, the main reason to have braces is to straighten teeth and give you a better looking smile. Does this make you vain? Absolutely not! I would say in this day and age where appearance can influence your chance of getting a job or partner (first impressions do really count) making the choice to enhance yourself is your right. Being able to smile with confidence on your wedding day and enjoying looking back on your photos with pride later on doesn’t make you narcissistic.

Don’t forget there are also dental health benefits to having straight teeth – they are easier to clean and maintain than wonky ones after all. So don’t let what other people think stop you from making that decision to get treatment with braces to make your smile better.


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