There was a time when brace options were limited in terms of both comfort and design, making orthodontic treatment unfavourable to adult patients in particular.

Are there brace types that cater for the ‘modern adult’?

The emergence of brace types such as Invisalign and Incognito (lingual) braces have changed the face of orthodontics, offering working professionals a flexible appliance that fits in with their busy schedules. Read on to find out more about these two appliances and their minimally-invasive characteristics.


Invisalign has revolutionised the market and has treated over 4 million patients since its introduction in the US in 1997. The treatment comprises of a set of custom aligners that are removed and replaced every 2 weeks. The removable nature of the aligners opens up a myriad of benefits; patients have a 2-hour window each day in which to remove the aligners to brush and eat, so you don’t have to worry about amending your diet. This makes looking after teeth hassle-free. In contrast, the brace hardware in fixed braces can make everyday activities such as eating challenging, as food particles become easily lodged within the brace. Invisalign is a great friend to those who work in a professional client-facing environment, allowing patients the freedom to remove the aligners for a presentation or meeting, for example.

Incognito (lingual braces)

Lingual braces are arguably the most invisible brace you can have, sitting on the tongue side of the teeth completely out of view. This type of appliance is also popular with working professionals who need their smile to remain unchanged during the treatment period. Here at Park Lane we offer Incognito braces, a market leader in lingual technology.

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